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  1. The development of agricultural biotechnology humanitarian projects for food security in the last five years has been rapid in developing countries and is expected to rise sharply over the coming years. An ext...

    Authors: Obidimma C Ezezika, Nadira Saleh and Abdallah S Daar
    Citation: Agriculture & Food Security 2012 1:5
  2. Ensuring food security for the worlds population over the coming decades will face the challenges of a larger world population, greater urbanization, limited natural resources, higher levels of income, and str...

    Authors: Pedro A Arraes Pereira, Geraldo B Martha Jr, Carlos AM Santana and Eliseu Alves
    Citation: Agriculture & Food Security 2012 1:4
  3. The planet earth, on which we live in communities, is being increasingly 'ruptured' because of human activities; its carrying capacity is under great stress because of demographic pressures. The pressure is es...

    Authors: Adel El-Beltagy and Magdy Madkour
    Citation: Agriculture & Food Security 2012 1:3
  4. In 2012, food insecurity is still a major global concern as 1 billion people are suffering from starvation, under-, and malnutrition, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has c...

    Authors: Albert Sasson
    Citation: Agriculture & Food Security 2012 1:2