Volume 1 Supplement 1

Fostering innovation through building trust: lessons from agricultural biotechnology partnerships in Africa


Edited by Calestous Juma

Publication of this supplement was funded by the Sandra Rotman Centre at the University Health Network and the University of Toronto. The supplement was devised by the Sandra Rotman Centre.

  1. Research

    Harmonized biosafety regulations are key to trust building in regional agbiotech partnerships: the case of the Bt cotton project in East Africa

    The Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton public-private partnership (PPP) project in East Africa was designed to gather baseline data on the effect of Bt cotton on biodiversity and the possibility of gene flow to w...

    Obidimma C Ezezika, Justin Mabeya and Abdallah S Daar

    Agriculture & Food Security 2012 1(Suppl 1):S8

    Published on: 1 November 2012