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Table 5 Tukey’s HSD test on the mean species numbers in different environments

From: Effects of surrounding crop and semi-natural vegetation on the plant diversity of paddy fields

Treatments Mean species numbers SE
Sample category   
Cultivated 7.9 ±0.5c
Fallow 18.4 ±0.5a
Bund 14.4 ±0.9b
Multiple crop 14.4 ±0.4a
Monoculture 13.1 ±0.5b
Bund complexity   
Complex 16.3 ±0.9a
Simple 13.6 ±0.4b
Cugenang 17.9 ±0.8a
Malang 16.9 ±0.8a
Karanganyar 16.9 ±0.8a
Gresik 11.6 ±0.8b
Brebes 11.6 ±0.8b
Karawang 8.6 ±0.8c
Season 1 15.1 ±0.5a
Season 2 13.0 ±0.4b
  1. a,b,c indicate statistically significant differences at the level p <0.01.