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Table 3 Seasonality of paddy field cultivation in the Javanese study areas from October through September

From: Effects of surrounding crop and semi-natural vegetation on the plant diversity of paddy fields

Cultivation season (month) 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Cugenang r r r r/f r r r r/f r r r r/f
Malang r r r r/f r r r r/f r r r r/f
Karanganyar r r r r/f r r r r/f h h h h
Gresik r r r s s s r r r r/f f f
Brebes h/r r r r f r r r h h h h
Karawang f f/r r r r r/f f/r r r r r/f f
  1. r, rice plants cultivated; h, horticultural plants cultivated; f, fallow; s, small fish farming; r/f, f/r, or h/r transitional time (rice plants cultivated to fallow; fallow to rice plants cultivated, or horticultural plants cultivated to rice plants cultivated).