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Table 1 Definition and measurement of variables used in the tobit model

From: Adoption of improved wheat production technology in Gorche district, Ethiopia

Variables Type Definition and measurement
Adoption index(ADOPI) 1 Adoption index that takes value between 0 and 1 which is calculated based on the technologies adopted in relation to the recommended level
Age (AGEHH) 1 Age of the household in year
Family size (FMSZ) 1 Family size of the household in number
Sex (SXHH) 2 Sex of the respondents (1 for male and 0 for female)
Farming experience FREXP) 1 Farming experience in years
Education (EDULVL) 1 Schooling years of the respondents
Land holding (LNDSZ) 1 Land holding in hectare
Income (INCO) 1 Total annual income of the respondents in Ethiopian Birr
Access to credit (CRDTAC) 2 Access to credit (1 yes and 0 no)
Livestock (LVST) 1 Livestock holding in Tropical Livestock Unit(TLU)
Labor (LABR) 1 Labor in Man Equivalent
Contact with extension agent (DACON) 1 Number of contact made with development agents during the last 12 months prior to the survey period
Membership (SOCORG) 2 Household head membership in any social organizations operating in the locality (1 for yes and 0 for no)
Participation in training (TRANN) 2 Respondents participation in agricultural extension training (1 for yes and 0 for no)
Market distance (MKTDS) 1 Distance to the main market center in km
Exposure to mass media (MASSM) 2 Exposure to mass media (1 for yes and 0 for no)
Attitude (ATTD) 2 Respondents attitude towards wheat production technology (1 for positive and 0 for negative)
  1. 1 represents continuous variable and 2 represents dummy variable