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Table 6 Summary of predicted values for marketed surplus for fertilizer adopters and non-adopters.

From: Does fertilizer adoption enhance smallholders’ commercialization? An endogenous switching regression model from northern Ethiopia

Types of usersMarketed surplus (%)
Predicted mean adopters (N = 440)12.75 (0.069)
Predicted mean had they not been adopted11.6 (0.124)
 Predicted mean difference-test1.15*** (0.133)
 Predicted mean non-adopters (N = 186)9.4 (0.051)
 Predicted mean had they been adopted10.5 (0.077)
 Predicted mean difference-test1.1*** (0.094)
  1. Results are expressed in percentage form. Absolute value of t-statistic in parenthesis
  2. ***Refers significantly at the 1% level