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Table 1 Factor loadings for varietal attribute preferences (n = 87)

From: The role of variety attributes in the uptake of new hybrid bananas among smallholder rural farmers in central Uganda

Variety attributeFactor loadingsa
Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3
Tolerance to drought0.809  
Tolerance to poor soils0.791  
Tolerance to pests and diseases0.701  
Bunch size0.685  
Early maturity period0.614  
Sucker production0.610  
Taste 0.830 
Texture when cooked 0.679 
Flavor 0.677 
Color of the food when cooked 0.652 
Plant height  0.892
Resistance to wind  0.788
% of variance explained43.67511.6749.808
  1. aExtraction method: principal component analysis and rotation method: Varimax with Kaiser normalization. Only attributes with absolute factor loadings > 0.5 are included
  2. Farmer preferences scored on a scale of 1–5 and then recorded as a binary, where 1 = important attribute, 0 = not important