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Table 8 Crude protein yield (t/ha) for oat–vetch mixtures at different harvesting stages

From: Evaluation of biomass yield and nutritional quality of oats–vetch mixtures at different harvesting stage under residual moisture in Fogera District, Ethiopia

Oats–vetch mixtures Harvesting stages
HS1 HS2 HS3 Mean
Oats CI-8237 + Vicia villosa (O1V1) 0.79b 0.92a 0.79b 0.84a
Oats CI-8237 + Vicia dasycarpa (O1V2) 0.64cd 0.91a 0.72bc 0.75b
Oats CI-8251 + Vicia villosa (O2V1) 0.62cd 0.76b 0.49ef 0.63c
Oats CI-8251 + Vicia dasycarpa (O2V2) 0.59de 0.63cd 0.42f 0.54d
Mean 0.66b 0.81a 0.61c 0.69
SE 0.058    
CV 8.91    
P value (mixtures) 0.0001    
  1. SE standard error, CV coefficient of variation, HS harvesting stage
  2. a–fMean values with different superscripts across a row and across a column are significantly different (P < 0.001)