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Table 1 Plant height (cm) for oats varieties and vetch species

From: Evaluation of biomass yield and nutritional quality of oats–vetch mixtures at different harvesting stage under residual moisture in Fogera District, Ethiopia

Species Variety/species Harvesting stages
HS1 HS2 HS3 Mean
Oats Oats CI-8237 66.03b 71.8a 71.06a 69.63a
Oats CI-8251 60.66c 66.3b 66.96b 64.64b
Mean 63.35b 69.05a 69.02a 67.14
SE 2.096    
CV 3.122    
P value (varieties) 0.0005    
Vetch Vicia villosa 66.1c 74.93ab 72.6ab 71.21b
Vicia dasycarpa 70.73b 76.66a 74.86ab 74.08a
Mean 68.41b 75.8a 73.73a 72.65
SE 2.454    
CV 3.378    
P value (species) 0.0321    
  1. SE standard error, CV coefficient of variation, HS harvesting stage
  2. a–cVariety/species means values having same superscript within a row are not significantly different (P > 0.05)