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Table 6 Characterization of clusters of naked barley accessions based on qualitative traits

From: Agro-morphological diversity of Nepalese naked barley landraces

Cluster Accession Major qualitative traits
I Acc6327, Co4710, Co4712, Co4713, Co5503, Hanku Local, Jugu Local, Lamjung Local, NGRC02306, NGRC02327, NGRC04003, NGRC04894, NGRC04902, NPGR1621, NPGR1626, Solu uwa (16) Erect type of growth habit, stem pigmentation green and purple, high tillering capacity, intermediate grain size with yellow glume color
II NGRC04903 (1) Large grain size, tan/red grain pericarp color
III Co5638, Co5565, NPGR1604, Rato Humla, Rato Kalo (5) Purple stem pigmentation, low tillering, black/purple grain pericarp
IV NPGR1579 (1) Prostate growth habit, high spike density, tan-red color, large grain
V Co5351, Co5639 (2) Purple stem pigmentation, low tillering capacity, small grain size