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Table 2 Mean nutritional compositions of seven fodder tree species (on g kg−1 DM), N = 80

From: Nutritive values of seven high priority indigenous fodder tree species in pastoral and agro-pastoral areas in Eastern Ethiopia

Tree species DM OM Ash CP NDF ADF Hemi-cellulose Lignin IVDOMD
A. nilotica 935.3a 971.4a 28.6a 157.6a 342.1a 284.7ae 57.4a 110.7a 622a
A. tortilis 920.2b 943.7b 56.3b 152.9a 338.4b 265.8b 72.6b 108.2b 686.7b
B. discolor 930.4a 957.7c 42.3c 181.9b 329.9c 287.8e 42.1c 102.1c 647.5ab
C. sinensis 908.9c 935.2bd 64.8bd 159.3ab 630.9d 379.5c 251.3d 78.2d 511.4d
D. glabra 908.8c 938.9bd 61.1bd 116.4c 635.2e 371.3d 263.9e 72.3e 555.9e
T. indica 922b 933.2bd 66.8bd 159.3ab 329c 279.7a 49.3f 101.1c 669.6bc
Z. spina-christi 906.3c 941bd 59bd 162.7ab 636.5e 381.8c 254.8d 74.9f 550.4e
Mean 918.4 945.9 54.1 155 469.8 323.4 146.4 92.3 603.6
SE 1.33 1.71 1.71 2.82 16.74 5.58 11.28 1.77 7.78
F value 52.9 29.5 29.5 13.4 49,581.9 1764.9 6536.5 984.1 54.2
  1. SE standard error of the overall mean for each parameter; Means in same column with different superscript are significantly different P < 0.05