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Table 1 Top five popular wheat varieties by agro-ecological domains and reasons for their popularity

From: Lessons for promotion of new agricultural technology: a case of Vijay wheat variety in Nepal

S. no Name of popular varieties Domains or place name % Area Cause of popularity- or adopted attributes
1 Gautam Terai 18.82 Resistant to foliar leaf blight, heat tolerant, stay green, wide adaptation, high yield
2 Nepal 297 Terai 17.40 Early maturity, good yielder even if later planted, terminal heat and hailstone tolerant, good chapatti quality
3 Bhrikuti Terai 13.61 High yielding, drought tolerant, resistant to leaf and stripe rust
4 WK 1204 Mid hills 12.51 High yielder, Resistant to yellow rust, good bread quality
5 Vijay Terai 5.80 Resistant to Ug99 rust, tolerant to terminal heat, suitable to harvest using combined harvester