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Table 2 Factor loading for consumer perceptions on processed foods

From: Consumer demand heterogeneity and valuation of value-added pulse products: a case of precooked beans in Uganda

Statements used in perception analysis: I would (would not) consume processed foods because of… Factor loading
Employment and incomes benefits for farmers providing raw materials 0.79
Environmental benefits associated with their consumption 0.75
Presence of safety and nutrition information on labels 0.41
Hygiene issues related to food processing 0.74
Cultural inhibitions on consumption 0.58
Perceptions of members in the community (if they consume it, I also do) 0.55
Their availability and accessibility 0.82
Their safety of the product (presence or absence of additives) − 0.48
  1. Likert scale used: 1 = mostly reduces, 2 = have a minimal effect, 3 = DO NOT affect, 4 = slightly increase, 5 = definitely increase