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Table 2 Respondent attitudes measuring statement and their responses.

From: Attitude and consumption of Bangladeshi professionals toward biotechnological products

Statement Response (%)
Agree Disagree No opinion
In Bangladesh, all soybean oils are genetically modified organism (GMO) 50 32 18
Genetically modified (GM) crops will lead to reductions in biodiversity in environment 56 35 9
Bt brinjal will be helpful to reduce the attack of brinjal shoot and fruit borer 90 2 8
Biotechnological product modification will decrease the natural flavour and taste of food 57 35 8
Biotechnology is superior to classical breeding for new variety development 83 7 10
The promotion of biotechnological products is due to the greed and self-interest of private companies 39 34 27
Gene therapy can be used for the correction of hereditary disease such as diabetics 70 9 21
By eating golden rice, one’s genes could be modified 10 78 12
Transgenic animals in agricultural production systems show relatively inefficient production rate 11 50 39
Bt cotton will be helpful to make the cotton useful for human consumption of cotton oil by removing toxicity 38 22 40