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Table 1 Standard food group and subgroups for WEPs.

From: Addressing constraints in promoting wild edible plants’ utilization in household nutrition: case of the Congo Basin forest area

Group Food group Sub group for WEPs
Group 1 Cereals and grain products  
Group 2 Starchy roots, tubers, and banana/plantain Staples from the forest like wild yams and other wild roots
Group 3 Grain legumes and legume products  
Group 4 Nuts and seeds Pulps and condiments from the forest
Group 5 Vegetables and vegetable products Uncultivated vegetables from the forest
Group 6 Fruits Wild fruits
Group 7 Sugars and syrups Honey and other natural sweeteners from the forest
Group 8 Meats, poultry, and insects Bushmeat
Group 9 Eggs Eggs from wild birds
Group 10 Fish and shellfish  
Group 11 Milk and milk products  
Group 12 Oils and fats Oil from forest products
Group 13 Beverages/drinks Drinks from forest products
Group 14 Miscellaneous Spices from the forest