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Table 4 Mean values of 10 traits for 36 brown-seeded tef genotypes evaluated at three locations in the central highlands of Ethiopia in 2013

From: Grain yield variation and association of major traits in brown-seeded genotypes of tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.)Trotter]

Traits Locations*
Holetta Ginchi Adadi
Days to panicle emergence 66.8a 56.0c 58.4b
Days to maturity 135.7a 110.1b 110.1b
Grain filling period (days) 69.0a 54.0b 51.9b
Plant height (cm) 85.1b 90.2a 83.7c
Panicle length (cm 34.3a 28.4c 30.1b
Culm length (cm) 50.7c 61.8a 53.6b
Shoot biomass (t/ha) 9.8a 9.6b 8.2c
Grain yield (t/ha) 2.6a 1.9c 2.1b
Harvest index 0.27a 0.20c 0.26b
Lodging index 77.8c 96.7a 84.8b
  1. *Means in the same row followed by different letters are significantly different as judged by LSD at P ≤ 0.05