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Table 2 List of tef genotypes or accessions used in the study

From: Grain yield variation and association of major traits in brown-seeded genotypes of tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.)Trotter]

No. Name of genotype/pedigree Area of collection No. Name of genotype/pedigree Area of collection
1 HO-TFS-5460A1 Bale 19 HO-TFS-5442B1 East Gojam
2 HO-TFS-5452A1 East Gojam 20 HO-TFS-5450B1 East Gojam
3 HO-TFS-5472A1 South Wollo 21 HO-TFS-5503A1 South Wollo
4 HO-TFS-5459A1 Bale 22 HO-TFS-5448B1 East Gojam
5 HO-TFS-5500A1 East Gojam 23 HO-TFS-5493B1 East Gojam
6 HO-TFS-5431A1 South Wollo 24 HO-TFS-5461B1 Bale
7 HO-TFS-5458B1 Hadiya 25 HO-TFS-5485B1 South Wollo
8 HO-TFS-5450C1 East Gojam 26 HO-TFS-5451B1 East Gojam
9 HO-TFS-5469C1 South Wollo 27 HO-TFS-5500B1 East Gojam
10 HO-TFS-5448C1 East Gojam 28 HO-TFS-5507B1 South Tigray
11 HO-TFS-5483B1 North Gonder 29 HO-TFS-5484A1 South Wollo
12 HO-TFS-5449A1 East Gojam 30 HO-TFS-5482A1 South Gonder
13 HO-TFS-5431B1 South Wollo 31 HO-TFS-5471A1 South Wollo
14 HO-TFS-5456C1 South Gonder 32 HO-TFS-5468C1 South Wollo
15 HO-TFS-5499B1 East Gojam 33 DZ-01-2053*  
16 HO-TFS-5453A1 North Gonder 34 DZ-01-99*  
17 HO-TFS-5515E1 East Tigray 35 DZ-01-1681*  
18 HO-TFS-5435E2 South Wollo 36 Local Check  
  1. *Standard checks. The local check is the genotype (often a mixture) commonly grown by farmers in each locality