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Table 1 Insect pests and disease vectors of rice identified in FFS farms in the study areas

From: Empowering smallholder rice farmers in Tanzania to increase productivity for promoting food security in Eastern and Southern Africa

Common name Species Order/family Pest/vector
Spotted stalk borer Chilo partellus Swinh. Lepidoptera/Pyralidae Pest: larvae feed in the leaf funnel and the dead central leaves form ‘dead heart’.
White stem borer Maliarpha separatella Rag. Lepidoptera/Pyralidae Pest: larvae bore stem.
Pink stalk borer Sesamia calamistis Hmp. Lepidoptera/Noctuidae Pest: larvae bore stem.
Stalk-eyed fly Diopsis thoracica West. Diptera/Diopsidae Pest: maggots eat the central shoot and flower head.
Rice stem gall midge Orseolia oryzae W.M. Diptera/Cecidomyiidae Pest: maggots feed at base of the growing shoot causing the formation of a tuber gall.
Hispid beetle Trichispa sericea Gn.; Dactylispa lenta Coleoptera/Chrysomelidae Pest: cause severe defoliation;vector: of rice yellow mottle virus (RYMV).
Small rice grasshopper Oxya chinensi s Thnb. Orthoptera/Acrididae Pest: adults eat foliage and panicle; nymph eats foliage.
Green stink bug Nezara viridula L. Hemiptera/Pentatomidae Pest: punctures and feeds on young seed; vector:spread fungi.