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Table 1 Baseline studies at three levels

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Study Scope Methodological guides Analysis and documentationa Key technical details
Household level The household and its production activities Field manual, analysis plan, template for reporting, syntax for statistical software for data analysis Basic tabulation results, data quality reports, site level reports, cross-site comparison, scientific papers One hundred and forty households (20 households in 7 villages each) randomly selected in a 10 x 10 km sampling frame (or 30 x 30 km in areas of low population density), household questionnaire
Village level The community, its resources, organisations and networks of information Field manual, debriefing and reporting templates Village-level debriefing and analysis reports, data quality reports, scientific papers Participatory, qualitative study conducted in one of the seven villages from the household survey, with seven groups of up to fifteen men and fifteen women separated to complete the various exercises, participatory satellite imagery interpretation
Organisational level The supply of services and initiatives that come to the community from organisations active at the site Field manual, reporting template Organisational-level reports, site-level summaries, scientific papers At least ten organisations selected from those listed by the village study participants and interviewed using an open-ended questionnaire
  1. aAll guides and documentation are available at and