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Table 8 The topmost productive institutes on village chicken production linked with food security research with at least 6 article publications

From: Village chicken production and food security: a two-decade bibliometric analysis of global research trends

S/N Affiliations Nations Number of articles Rank
1 University of Sydney Australia 19 1st
2 Sokoine University of Agriculture Tanzania 9 2nd
3 Washington State University USA 9 2nd
4 University of Liverpool United Kingdom 8 3rd
5 University of California, Davis USA 7 4th
6 University of Florida USA 7 4th
7 University of Queensland Australia 7 4th
8 Cornell University USA 6 5th
9 International Rural Poultry Centre Australia 6 5th
10 University of Nairobi Kenya 6 5th
11 University of Putra Malaysia Malaysia 6 5th