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Table 1 Summarized information of recovered published documents on village chicken production and food security from WOS and Scopus data bases

From: Village chicken production and food security: a two-decade bibliometric analysis of global research trends

Main information about data Results
Timespan 2000:2020
Sources (journals, books, etc.) 77
Documents 104
Average years from publication 5.16
Average citations per documents 12.02
Average citations per year per doc 1.67
References 247
Document types
 Article 80
 Article; book chapter 3
 Article; proceedings paper 4
 Book chapter 1
 Editorial material 1
 Proceedings paper 10
 Review 5
Document contents
 Keywords plus (ID) 508
 Author’s keywords (DE) 386
 Authors 446
 Author appearances 489
 Authors of single-authored documents 11
 Authors of multi-authored documents 436
Authors collaboration
 Single-authored documents 11
 Documents per author 0.233
 Authors per document 4.29
 Co-Authors per documents 4.7
 Collaboration index 4.69