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Table 1 The lower and upper limit of daily per capita food intake in serving unit

From: Implications of food and nutrition security on household food expenditure: the case of Malaysia

Food groups Lower limit Upper limit
2000 kcal 2500 kcal
A. Cereals and cereal products 6 8
B. Meat and meat products 1 2
C. Fish/seafood/eggs 1 1
D. Legumes and products 1 1
E. Milk and milk products 2 3
F. Vegetables 3 3
G. Fruits 2 2
  1. Source: MyDG (2010)
  2. Food group A was based on 30 g of carbohydrates per serving; B and C were based on 14 g of protein per serving; D and E were based on 7 g of protein per serving; F was based on 80 g per serving size [32]; G was based on 15 g of carbohydrates per serving