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Table 4 List of primary studies selected for review

From: Adoption of ICT innovations in the agriculture sector in Africa: a review of the literature

Study Authors Title Year Method
[24] Owusu A.B., et al. Smallholder farmers’ knowledge of mobile telephone use: Gender perspectives and implications for agricultural market development 2017 Survey
[25] Hudson H.E., et al. Using radio and interactive ICTs to improve food security among smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa 2017 Survey
[26] Kante M., et al. Influence of perception and quality of ICT-based agricultural input information on use of ICTs by farmers in developing countries: Case of Sikasso in Mali 2017 Survey
[27] Barakabitze A.A., et al. The use of participatory approaches in developing ICT-based systems for disseminating agricultural knowledge and information for farmers in developing countries: The case of Tanzania 2017 Survey
[28] Mugwisi T., et al. Access to and Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies by Agricultural Researchers and Extension Workers in Zimbabwe 2015 Survey
[29] Mwombe S.O.L., et al. Evaluation of Information and Communication Technology Utilization by Small Holder Banana Farmers in Gatanga District, Kenya 2014 Survey
[11] Aleke B., et al. ICT adoption in developing countries: Perspectives from small-scale agribusinesses 2011 Survey
[30] Misaki E., et al. Technology for small scale farmers in Tanzania: A design science research approach 2016 Survey
[31] Barakabitze A.A., et al. New technologies for disseminating and communicating agriculture knowledge and information: Challenges for agricultural research institutes in Tanzania 2015 Survey
[32] Kabbiri, R., et al. Mobile phone adoption in agri-food sector: Are farmers in Sub-Saharan African connected? 2018 Survey
[33] Jere N.J., et al. Evaluating the influence of information and communications technology on food security 2017 Survey
[34] Beza, E., et al Exploring farmers’ intentions to adopt mobile Short Message Service (SMS) for citizen science in agriculture 2018 Experiment
[35] Wyche, S., et al. Why Don't Farmers Use Cell Phones to Access Market Prices? Technology Affordances and Barriers to Market Information Services Adoption in Rural Kenya 2015 Case study
[36] Kante M., et al. An ICT model for increased adoption of farm input information in developing countries: A case in Sikasso, Mali 2018 Case study
[37] Mtega, W. P., et al. Using Information and Communication Technologies for Enhancing the Accessibility of Agricultural Information for Improved Agricultural Production in Tanzania 2013 Case study
[27] Kiambi, D The use of Information Communication and Technology in advancement of African agriculture 2018 Case study
[39] Meijer, S.S., et al. The role of knowledge, attitudes and perceptions in the uptake of agricultural and agroforestry innovations among smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa 2015 Case study
[40] Maredia, M.K., et al. Can mobile phone-based animated videos induce learning and technology adoption among lowliterate farmers? A field experiment in Burkina Faso 2017 Experiment
[30] Freeman, K. et al. ICT use by smallholder farmers in rural Mozambique: a case study of two villages in central Mozambique 2017 Case study
[42] Aleke, B., et al. Social networks among small agribusiness in Nigeria 2011 Case study
[43] Otene, V.A., et al Assessment of Mobile Phone Usage Among Farmers in Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, Nigeria 2018 Survey
[44] Magesa, M.M., et al. Towards a framework for accessing agricultural market information 2015 Survey
[45] Awuor, F., et al. Building E-Agriculture Framework in Kenya 2016 Survey