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Table 7 Potential annual income from apple production

From: Baseline study of growers’ constraints in the production of apple (Malus domestica) in Plateau State Nigeria

Variables Derived estimates
Average quantity of apple imports (2011–2015) in tons 28,212.6 tons
Average quantity of apple imports (2011–2015) in kg 28,212,600 kg
Average weight of South African apples 150 g (or 0.15 kg)
Average number of fruits imported into Nigeria annually 188, 084, 000 fruits
Average price per apple fruit in Nigeria 100 Naira
Monetary value of apple imports in Nigeria 18, 808, 400, 000 Naira
Mean income of apple farmers 620, 133.3
Percentage of mean income to potential income per annum 0.003%
Income gap to be covered 99.997%
Verdict (possibility of huge income increment) Yes
  1. Source: Estimated from South Africa Marketing Directorate Report on Apple Production, 2016