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Table 1 Variable for descriptive statistics of sample farms

From: Profit efficiency in family-owned crop farms in Eastern Cape Province of South Africa: a translog profit function approach

Variable Depiction and component of measurement Expected Symbol
Age Age of household head in years  ± 
Sex Sex of family head: Male = 1; Female = 0  + 
Farming experience Knowledge in agriculture of family head in years
Years in school Number of years spent in school by household head
Off-farm income Income derived from non-farm activities in Rands
Access to extension Does family head have access? Y = 1; N = 0
Access to credit Does family head have admission? Y = 1; N = 0
Land maize Area under maize cultivation in hectares  + 
Dloc Dummy variable; Qamata = 1, Tyhefu = 2  ±