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Table 1 COVID-19 containment measures in Kenya

From: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on African indigenous vegetables value chain in Kenya

Direct containment measures Other measures
Closure of learning institutions Short mobile phone messages to remind people of COVID-19 and public health measures
Implementation of night curfews (7 PM–5 AM later revised to 9 PM–4 AM) Reduction of value added tax rate by 2%
Quarantine and isolation Reduction of income tax rate by 5%
Cessation of movements across specific Counties but was later lifted in July Reduction of turnover tax rate by 2%
Closure of bars, restaurants and hotels Reduction of the resident corporate tax rate by 5%
Closure of open-air markets Incentives to use mobile money services and e-banking by reducing cost of money transfer services
Termination of international and local air travel Income support to vulnerable groups
Public health measures: hand washing, use of sanitizers, thermos guns, ban on public gatherings, social distancing, use of face masks and/or shields Daily update on COVID-19 statistics
Targeted mass testing  
Requirement for civil servant over 58 years and above to work from home
Encouragement for all workers who can to work from home
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