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Table 6 Summary of the plans made by formal and informal organizations and urban experts on empowering farmers for food security

From: The role of rural–urban linkages in perceived environmental effects of farmers for participation in sustainable food security plans

Name of organization Plans and actions are taken to empower farmers for food security
Ministry of Agriculture Jihad and Agricultural Engineering Organization Herbal products Setting up training plan workshops in the field of greenhouse products, medicinal plants and production of aloe vera, etc
Training plan on how to produce a healthy product and cultivate quinoa (vegetable caviar)
Training plan in the production of rosewater, saffron, herbal medicines, cultivation of flowers and medicinal oils
Implementing several other projects in this regard
Rural industries Training plan to expand the agricultural conversion and complementary industries and turn traditional greenhouses into semi-industrial and industrial ones
Training plan for the promotion and development of the poultry industry;
Plans for converting of traditional greenhouses to semi-industrial and industrial;
Agricultural promotion Training plans in the field of agricultural mechanization, pest and plant disease control plan, livestock and poultry diseases
Training and promotion in various agricultural, horticultural, livestock projects
Training and promotion of various mushroom, bee, saffron, and greenhouse cultivation projects
Training and promotion of the plan to create and expand micro-funds for rural men and women,
Agriculture and horticulture Training plan for producing various vegetables and summer crops, flowers and ornamental plants and greenhouses
Plan for providing a special pistachio harvesting machine in a mechanized way to support and increase pistachio production and teach how to use it
Training plan to prevent the decline in crop yields in times of drought crisis, with proper implementation of mechanization operations
Preserve plants Training plan for grain pest control (Spraying wheat and barley infected fields with the recommended pesticides, control of pests and weeds)
Training plan to use a hygrometer and thermometer for products
Ministry of Interior (State secretary and Governorate Plan to provide facilities and training for the opening of edible mushroom breeding units
Construction of carpet weaving workshops and recruitment of trainees;
Technical and Vocational Education Providing free training in technical, service and agricultural fields;
Public training centers in the fields of agricultural workshops, construction industries, leather goods production, business management, and handicrafts
  1. Source: Research findings, 2020