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Table 8 Criteria used in classifying the wealth category of the households in the study area.

From: Determinants of rural livelihood diversification strategies among Chewaka resettlers’ communities of southwestern Ethiopia

Criteria Poor Less poor (medium) Better-off
Farm size (ha)  ≤ 1.0 1.0–1.75 1.75–3.00
Cattle owned  ≤ 1.0 2.0–4.0 4 and above
Goats and sheep 3.0–5.0 10.0–20.0  ≥ 20
Oxen owned  ≤ 1.0 1.0–2.0 2 and above
Other assets owned Poor quality of grass thatched roof and no significant perennial trees Good quality of grass thatched and tin roof houses, have trees production Own tin roofed house, fruits and trees production
Food security status Consume from own produce not more than 3 months Consume from own produce from 6 to 8 months Consume from own produce throughout the year
Livelihood activities Selling fuel wood, charcoal and daily or causal labor Farming and some form of trade Farming, petty trade, sell livestock and crop production
Household head Dominated by female headed households Male/female headed Dominated by male headed