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Table 5 The intermediate solution for high productivity performance of horticultural crops

From: Evidence from Fogera district in Ethiopia on configuration of farmer's information literacy conditions that explain better productivity performance of the horticultural crops

Configurations Raw coverage Unique coverage Consistency
High productivity of horticultural crops
 Organizational skill and farming skill (O*F) 0.771 0.771 0.778
 Total coverage 0.771   
 Solution consistency 0.778   
High profitability of horticultural crops
 Farm record-keeping and farming skill (R*F) 0.679 0.679 0.756
 Total coverage 0.679   
 Solution consistency 0.756   
High production quality of horticultural crops
 Organizational skill and farm record-keeping and farming skill (O*R*F) 0.730 0.730 0.822
 Total coverage 0.730   
 Solution consistency 0.822   
  1. Source: own analysis [2020]