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Table 6 Expected sign of the independent variable with the dependent variable

From: Household food insecurity and coping strategies in Southern Ethiopia

Variable acronyms Independent variables Measurement Status of HHs food insecurity
AGRECO Agro-ecology It is dummy 0 was assigned for lowland, 1 was assigned for midland _
SEXHH Sex of HHs head It is a dummy variable (i.e.1if it is female and 0 otherwise  + 
AGEHH Age of HHs head Continuous measured with age _
EDUHH Education HHs head Continuous measured with year of schooling _
FSHH Family of size HHs head Continuous measured with adult equivalency  + 
TNO Number oxen Continuous measured in number of oxen _
TLU Tropical livestock unit Continuous measured with tropical livestock unit _
UCF Use of chemical fertilizer It was a dummy variable taking the value of 1 if a farmer was being used fertilizer and 0 otherwise _
DRRESEED Drought-tolerant seeds It is a dummy variable that takes a value of 1 if farmers used improved seeds and zero, otherwise _
SWC Soil and water conservation It is dummy variable 1 if a HH is practicing soil and water conservation and 0 otherwise _
DISTMKT Distance to nearest market It is a continuous variable measured minute  + 
CREDAMO Credit amount Continuous variable measured in Birr _
REMAMO Receiving remittance amount Continuous variable measured in Birr _
PSNP Productive safety net program This is a dummy variable for which value 1 is assigned was participate in the program, 0 otherwise _
CLMATE Access to climatic information It is dummy variable 1 HH who have access to climatic information, 0 otherwise _
CULLAND Size of cultivated land Continuous measured with hectare _
IRRIGA Access to irrigation It is dummy variable (receiving support were code with a numeric value 1 and 0 if otherwise) _
EXN Access to extension service It was dummy variable assigned the value label 1 for HHs were access to adequate agricultural extension service and 0 otherwise _
OFFANO Off- and non-farm Continuous measured in Birr _