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Table 1 Typology of food security/insecurity

From: Food security assessment in rural areas: evidence from Iran

Types of food security Code Number of positive responses
Families with children under 18 years old (total score: 18) Families without children under 18 years (Total score: 10)
Food securitya 0 0–2 0–2
Food insecurity without hungerb 1 3–7 3–5
Food insecurity with moderate hungerc 2 8–12 6–8
Food insecurity with severe hungerd 3 13–18 9–10
  1. aHouseholds that show little evidence of food insecurity or have not experienced food insecurity during the year
  2. bHouseholds who are concerned about the inadequacy of food and manage the current situation by reducing the quality of food or reducing the amount of food consumption
  3. cHouseholds in which food consumption is significantly reduced for adults, so that adults often experience hunger
  4. dHouseholds in which in addition to reduction of adults’ food intake, the children’s food intake significantly affected, so that children also have painful and frequent experiences of hunger Source: (Nord 2009; Ramesh 2010)