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Table 3 The respondents rating of changes to access to seed between 2016 and 2019

From: Assessing sustainability factors of farmer seed production: a case of the Good Seed Initiative project in Tanzania

Statement Dodoma Reason for rating Arusha Reason for rating
Seed is currently easily accessible Agree Farmer seed producers are located within the communities and seed is easily accessible Agree The emergence of agro-dealers locally, improving seed accessibility
Seed is of better quality compared to 2016 Not sure Seed users agreed that seed is of better quality now, while seed producers disagreed, citing increased seed recycling and lack of quality assurance Agree Increased knowledge and skills in seed production, processing, and good agricultural practices
Seed is cheaper and affordable compared to 2016 Agree Consumers buy seed from within their communities, and it is cheaper due to local availability Disagree Seed producers do not sell seed locally, so farmers buy from agro-dealers at prevailing prices
Most farmers can produce quality seed Agree Vegetable growers gained knowledge on the value of quality seed, and applied positive selection to produce their seed Disagree Seed production is done on contract, only by farmers trained and contracted by seed companies
There is access to sufficient quantities of seed Agree There are many seed producers, hence it is possible to obtain enough seed locally Disagree Local agro-dealers do not have sufficient quantities and also lack variety
Seed is obtainable within a reasonable proximity Agree Seed producers are found locally Agree There is an emergence of local agro-dealer shops within reach of farmers
Seed is available in time for critical sowing periods Agree Seed is available locally, and users can access it even on credit to cushion cash flow challenges at critical sowing times Disagree Farmers still have to buy seed from agro-dealers and sometimes they lack cash at the time of sowing
There is increased demand for AIV seed Agree Awareness of the value of quality seed increased demand for seed Agree Awareness of the value of quality seed increased demand for seed
  1. Responses reflect the rating by a majority of the participants in FGDs across the groups. It should be noted that seed producers were also vegetable producers and utilized their own produced seed for their seasonal production. The ratings may therefore be confounded by prior knowledge, especially among seed producers