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Table 2 Themes and categories by farmer seed production model

From: Assessing sustainability factors of farmer seed production: a case of the Good Seed Initiative project in Tanzania

Theme Response categories
Contract farmers (Arusha) QDS farmers (Dodoma)
Seed production Knowledge and skills
Seed processing equipment
Pests and disease management
Embedded financial and technical services
Knowledge and skills
Pests and disease management
Access to technical and financial services
Access to foundation seed
Seed marketing Seed sold through contracts with seed companies
Limited women participation in contract seed production
Fragmented QDS markets
Linkages between farmers and agro-dealers
Lack of seed differentiation by buyers
Seed packaging and traceability
Seed access Own seed production
More seed growers
Own seed production
Seed sold locally
Increased seed demand
Household welfare Additional income source
Better quality of life
Additional income source
Better quality of life
  Nutritional awareness Nutritional awareness
Seed regulation Seed testing by seed companies Adherence to QDS standards