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Table 4 Summary of Household Diet Diversity Score (HDDS; median and IQR)

From: Food security in rural Burkina Faso: the importance of consumption of own-farm sourced food versus purchased food

 Yatenga (n = 200)Seno (n = 200)Significance
HDDS—lean period6.0 (2.0)3.5 (3.0)*
HDDS—flush period9.0 (1.0)8.0 (4.0)NS
HDDS from farm production—lean period2.0 (2.0)1.0 (1.0)*
HDDS purchased—lean perioda6.0 (2.0)3.0 (3.0)*
HDDS from farm production—flush period3.0 (2.0)3.0 (2.0)*
HDDS purchased—flush period7.0 (2.0)7.0 (5.0)NS
  1. *Provinces have differing central tendencies
  2. aObservations with no purchased food in the ‘lean’ period removed (n = 8 from Yatenga province)