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Table 2 Minimum data required as input into crop simulation models

From: Challenges and opportunities in crop simulation modelling under seasonal and projected climate change scenarios for crop production in South Africa

Site Weather Soils Initial conditions Management
Latitude and longitude, elevation
_ Average annual temperature
_ Slope and aspect
Daily global solar radiation maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation Soil type
_ Soil depth, root growth factor, bulk density
_ Organic carbon, pH, soil nitrogen
Previous Crop root nodule amounts
_ Water
ammonium and nitrates by soil layer
Cultivar name and type, planting date, depth and method, row spacing and direction, plant population, irrigation and water management (dates, methods, and amounts)
_ Fertilizer (inorganic) and inoculant applications
_ Residue (organic fertilizer) applications (material, depth of incorporation, amount, and nutrient concentrations)
_ Chemical (e.g. pesticide) applications (material and amount)
_ Tillage
_ Harvest schedule