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Table 7 Pearl and finger millet inclusion and their effect on ruminant’s performance

From: The nutritional use of millet grain for food and feed: a review

Millet type Inclusion level Effect on performance References
Pearl millet   Improved digestibility [105]
Pearl millet 30% no adverse effects on milk yield or milk composition [110]
Pearl millet   Improved average daily gain [111]
Pearl millet   Similar average daily gain and final body weight as corn [112]
Pearl millet 50%
Increased digestibility of starch and Ether Extracts
Reduced ruminal ammonia concentration
Pearl millet 79% Similar performance indicators to those obtained with corn and sorghum [114]
Pearl millet 25%
No effect on dry matter intake, milk yield and milk fat percent [115]
Pearl millet 33%
Performances were not negatively affected by the substitution of maize with pearl millet [116]
Finger millet 16.0%
Reduced digestibility of the dry matter
No effect on nutrients intake
Pearl millet 40% Digestion coefficients for DM, GE, CP, and NDF were reduced by over 10 percentage units with partial or complete replacement of corn by pearl millet [103]