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Table 4 Phenolic compounds present in finger millet and their functions

From: The nutritional use of millet grain for food and feed: a review

Health compounds Functions References
Ferulic acid Prevents tissue damage and stimulates the wound healing process [63]
Phytic acid Plays important role in lowering body cholesterol [15, 63, 64]
Phenols, phytates, and tannins Critical in curing aging and metabolic disorders. Inhibits the worsening of human well-being, cancer, and cardiovascular illnesses. Lowering of blood pressure and diabetes. Reduces tumours [65, 66]
Dietary fibre Vital for hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effect as well as cutting of serum cholesterol. Inhibits atherosclerosis and has an antitoxic effect and anti-cancerous effect
Energy diluents to formulate low calorie diets
[66, 67]
Nutraceutical foods Promotes better health by reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity. Lowers blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes [63]
Magnesium Reduces the risk of heart attacks [64]
Phosphorus Vital for the growth of body tissue and energy metabolism [64]
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