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Table 6 Overall economic benefit of soybean

From: Are non-market benefits of soybean production significant? An extended economic analysis of smallholder soybean farming in Upper West region of northern Ghana

Market and non-market variables District
Sissala-West (GH¢) Wa-East (GH¢) DBI (GH¢) Overall (GH¢)
A. Gross margin (Table 4) 462.36a 199.16b (85.9)c 191.87
B. Non-market value (Table 5) 346.34a 238.00b 452.73c 345.69
C. Gross economic benefit (A + B) 808.7a 437.16b 367.73c 537.50
D. Total production cost (A + F) 1188.7 1162.7 914.29 1024.85
E. Return on investment (%) 68.03% 37.6% 40.2% 52.4%
  1. Values with different superscripts denotes means are significantly different at 5%. Official exchange; US$1 = GH¢4.5