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Table 5 Estimates of non-market benefits

From: Are non-market benefits of soybean production significant? An extended economic analysis of smallholder soybean farming in Upper West region of northern Ghana

Non-market component Districts
  Sissala-West Wa-East DBI Overall
A. Nitrogen fixation
 Mean quantity (kg/Ha) 17.07a 16.96b 29.85c 21.29
 Mean unit price (GH¢) 3.87 3.87 3.87 3.87
 Total value (GH¢)/Ha 66.06a 65.64b 115.52c 82.41
B. Consumption
 Mean quantity (kg/Ha) 143d 124d 143d 136.67
 Mean unit price (GH¢) 1.96 1.39 1.52 1.62
 Total value (Gh¢)/ha 280.28a 172.36b 217.36c 223.33
C. Residue (soap)*
 Mean cost saved//Ha 0 0 14.1 4.70
 Life span of soap (months) 0 0 8.5 2.83
 Total value (GH¢)/Ha 0 0 119.85 39.65
Total (A + B+C) (GH¢) 346.34a 238.00b 452.73c 345.69
  1. *Soybean residue was used for soap preparation only in DBI district. Values with different superscripts denotes means are significantly different at 5% while same superscripts denote means are not different. Official exchange; US$1 = Gh¢4.5