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Table 1 CATWOE analysis of interaction between OrganicFe Co. and farmers

From: Understanding circular economy implementation in the agri-food supply chain: the case of an Indonesian organic fertiliser producer

Relevant systems Problem situation CATWOE analysis
Interaction between OrganicFe Co. and Farmers Lack of knowledge about qualities desired by farmers
Lack of trust from farmers
Pride of farmers, not wanting to bandwagon
OrganicFe Co.’s fertiliser is not the cheapest in the market
Incompleteness of SOP provided by OrganicFe Co.
Farmers would not buy the fertiliser continuously
Possibility of crop failure from other causes
Transformation Research for composition of organic wastes to get the best quality of fertiliser for specific crops
Selection of the right promotion and socialisation method for specific type of farmer
Selling the fertiliser and utilising the fertiliser in farming to improve produce conditions
Actor OrganicFe Co., Farmers
Customer Farmers
Owner Provider of other resources for farming activities, Regional Development Bank
Environment Research facilities of OrganicFe Co., testing grounds, Farmers’ place