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Table 2 Summary of the descriptive statistics for the sampled banana farmers

From: The role of variety attributes in the uptake of new hybrid bananas among smallholder rural farmers in central Uganda

Explanatory variablesOverall (n = 242)HBVs adopters (n = 87)HBVs non-adopters (n = 155)Difference
Age of farmer (years)47.947.947.90.006
Formal education of farmer (years)
Age of household head (years)49.851.049.20.967
Formal education of household head (years)
Household size (number of persons)7761.711*
Total farm size (ha)***
Total crop area (ha)
Land allocated to banana (ha)***
Annual household income (UGX’000)2504264324271.189
Number of years known hybrids5.
Number of actors interact with0.81.60.310.167***
Number of times interact with actors4.810.91.38.513***
Number of years of membership to groups5.
Experience in banana research activities (years)***
Membership to groups (%)67.475.962.60.034*
Receipt of information on HBVs in last 5 years (%)40.981.618.10.000***
HHs involvement in banana research activities (%)26.947.115.50.000***
  1. ***, ** and * indicate statistical significance level at 1%, 5% and 10%, respectively