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Table 4 Socioeconomic characterstics of Ficus thonningii tree producer respondents

From: Assessment of Ficus thonningii tree production and utilization for livestock feed by smallholder farmers in northwestern Ethiopia

Variables BZD FD SAD
P value SL P value SL P value SL
Age of HH 0.07 Ns 0.167 Ns 0.686 Ns
Education of HH 0.23 Ns 0.111 Ns 0.837 Ns
Family size 0.42 Ns 0.073 Ns 0.564 Ns
Landholding of HH 0.58 Ns 0.151 Ns 0.958 Ns
Number of Livestock per HH 0.66 Ns 0.051 Ns 0.480 Ns
  1. HH Household, BZD Bahir Dar Zuria district, FD Farta district, NAD South Achefer districts, SL significant level