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Table 10 Least square means for grain filling period (days) and grain sink filling rate (kg ha−1 day−1) of five vetch species at Holetta and Ginchi

From: Morpho-agronomic performance of vetch species and their accessions grown under nitosol and vertisol conditions in the central highlands of Ethiopia

Species Grain filling period Grain sink filling rate
Holetta Ginchi Holetta Ginchi
Vicia sativa 46.9c 79.8a 16.4a 33.9a
Vicia villosa 72.4a 78.6a 10.2b 29.1ab
Vicia narbonensis 56.9b 70.0b 7.2c 41.0a
Vicia dasycarpa 51.8bc 78.8a 13.6ab 26.0b
Vicia atropurpurea 53.0bc 73.3ab 9.5bc 27.8ab
Mean 56.2 76.1 11.4 31.6
CV (%) 12.85 8.0 13.17 8.86
R 2 0.68 0.35 0.29 0.19
  1. Means followed by a common superscript letters within a column are not significantly different from each other at P < 0.05
  2. ♦ = Log transformation