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Table 4 Interaction effect of the year × N rate and year × N timing on GNUP and TNUP of bread wheat

From: Effect of split application of different N rates on productivity and nitrogen use efficiency of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

N timing Year
2014 2015
GNUP (kg ha−1)
T 1 101.66c–e 106.15b–d
T 2 82.1fg 93.15def
T 3 78.61g 90.78efg
T 4 106.66bc 103.52c–e
T 5 119.45ab 120.55a
Treated mean 100.27a
Control mean 24.89b
CV (%) 9.72
N rate (kg ha−1) Year
2014 2015
TNUP (kg ha−1)
120 88.29d 95.07d
240 124.33c 145.46b
360 148.07b 165.36a
Treated mean 127.76a
Control mean 28.36b
CV (%) 8.72
  1. Means followed by the same letters for the same parameter are not significantly different at P ≤ 0.05
  2. CV Coefficient of variation, NR nitrogen rate, NT time of nitrogen application
  3. T1 = N application of ½ at sowing and ½ at tillering; T2 = N application at tillering; T3 = N application of ½ at tillering and ½ booting; T4 = N application 1/3 at sowing, 1/3 at tillering and 1/3 at booting; and T5 = N application ¼ at sowing, ½ at tillering and ¼ at booting