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Table 3 Number of branches/vetch plant in oat–vetch mixtures at different cutting times

From: Evaluation of biomass yield and nutritional quality of oats–vetch mixtures at different harvesting stage under residual moisture in Fogera District, Ethiopia

Species Harvesting stages
HS1 HS2 HS3 Mean
Vicia villosa 12.6bc 13.43ab 14.57a 13.53a
Vicia dasycarpa 10.57d 11.27cd 12.47bc 11.43b
Mean 11.58b 12.35ab 13.52a 12.48
SE 0.98    
CV 7.84    
P value (species) 0.0011    
  1. SE standard error, CV coefficient of variation, HS harvesting stage
  2. a–dSpecies means values having same superscript within a row are not significantly different (P > 0.05)