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Table 2 Geo-climatic description of the experimental locations

From: Agro-morphological diversity of Nepalese naked barley landraces

Site Temperature (°C) Average annual rainfall (mm) Climate range GPS Altitude (masl)
Ghanpokhara, Lamjung 15–27 2944 Warm to cool temperate N28°17.272′E84°19.249′ 1621
Jungu, Dolakha 4–22 2000 Warm to cool temperate N27°41.55′E86°09.62′ 1792
Chhipra, Humla 0–20 50  Cool temperate to Alpine N°59.107′E81°50.011′ 2988
Hanku, Jumla 2–22 728.9 Cool temperate to Alpine N29°14.329′E082°.06.644′ 2375