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Table 8 The combined interaction effect of intra- and inter-row spacing on harvest index of mung bean at Metema, 2017

From: Effect of inter- and intra-row spacing on yield and yield components of mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) under rain-fed condition at Metema District, northwestern Ethiopia

Inter-rows (RS) Intra-rows (PS)
5 10 15
20 0.28g 0.38fg 0.39fe
30 0.33g 0.40e 0.44de
40 0.41e 0.58ab 0.54bc
50 0.49cd 0.62a 0.62a
LSD (5%) 0.06 CV (%) 10.57
  1. Means in the same column and the same letters are not significantly different at 5% level of probability
  2. NS nonsignificant, LSD least significant difference at 5% level of significant, CV coefficient of variation in percent