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Table 2 Description of Independent variables

From: Crop diversification and household food security status: evidence from rural Benin

Variable Description Measurement
Diversity Simpson Diversity Index (D) Continuous
Gender Gender of the household head (SEX) 1 for Male and 0 for Female
Age Age of the household head (AGE) Continuous
Family size Number of person in the household (FSIZE) Continuous
Education Whether household head attended school (EDUC) 1 for none and 0 else
1 for primary and 0 else
1 for secondary and 0 else
Credit Access to credit (CREDIT) 1 for access and 0 else
Association Membership of farmers association (ASSOC) 1 if yes and 0 else
Location Location of the household head Dummy variable 1 if Bante and 0 else
1 if Dassa and 0 else
1 if Glazoue and 0 else
1 if Ouesse and 0 else
1 if Savalou and 0 else
Fertilizer Access to fertilizer (FERTI) 1 if yes and 0 else
Seed Access to improved seed (SEED) 1 if yes and 0 else
Extension Number of extension visit per year (EXTEN) Continuous
Land size Total land size (LSIZE) Continuous (in hectares)
Storage Access to storage facilities (STOR) 1 if yes and 0 else
Livestock Tropical livestock Unit (TLU) Continuous