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Table 7 Interaction effect of year, N application rate and variety on grain nitrogen uptake and total nitrogen uptake of bread wheat at Enewari, central highland of Ethiopia

From: Effect of nitrogen fertilizer rates on grain yield and nitrogen uptake and use efficiency of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties on the Vertisols of central highlands of Ethiopia

Variety N rate (kg ha−1) GNUP (kg ha−1) TNUP (kg ha−1)
Year 2014 Year2015 Year2014 Year 2015
Menze 0 29.58j 25.42j 31.68k 28.86k
120 81.42g–i 75.83hi 97.46ij 98.90ij
240 106.87ef 114.90de 124.00gh 144.33c–f
360 116.43c–e 130.42a–c 147.31c–e 165.30ab
Tsehay 0 24.65j 23.99j 26.70k 27.60k
120 93.78fg 85.35gh 106.89hi 108.98hi
240 116.17c–e 124.03b–d 139.15d–g 154.22b–d
360 134.70ab 143.13a 160.72bc 178.50a
ET-13 0 19.30j 22.61j 23.68k 29.78k
120 68.52i 77.54hi 86.21j 99.11ij
240 83.15g–i 95.68fg 107.44hi 135.02e–g
360 102.63ef 75.71hi 128.96fg 107.94hi
CV (%)   6.39 6.02
  1. Means followed by the same letter(s) for the same parameter are not significantly different from each other at 5% level of significance according to Duncan’s multiple range test