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Table 8 Food groups for HFCS bY WFP

From: Effect of climate-smart agricultural practices on household food security in smallholder production systems: micro-level evidence from Kenya

Food item Food group Weight
Rice Cereals and tubers 2
Wheat/other cereals
Potato (including sweet potatoes)
Pulses/beans/nuts Pulses 3
Milk/milk products Milk 4
Meat and fish Meat and fish 4
Fish and sea food (fresh/dried)
Dark green vegetables—leafy Vegetables 1
Other vegetables
Sugar/honey Sugars 0.5
Fruits Fruits 1
Oil Fats and oils 0.5
Spices, tea, coffee, salt, fish power, small amounts of milk for tea Condiments 0
  1. The maximum FCS has a value of 112 which would be achieved if a household ate each food group every day during the last 7 days. The total scores are then compared with pre-established thresholds. Poor food consumption 0–2, borderline food consumption 28.5–42 and acceptable food consumption > 42